Sun hats

After Lotus got a sunburned cheek at the beach, I knit up a cotton sun hat.

Jason had to swoop in a whip out a ridiculously adorable sun hat on the sewing machine in about a quarter of my knitting time.

So now we have two hats!

Dsc 0025Web-9

Dsc 0026Web-14

Brim can flip up or hang down for more shade.

Dsc 0027Web-13

She is good at yanking both hats off….

Dsc 0044Web-8

Jason’s creation: full of color and feminine flair and lined with one of his old t-shirts for a soft texture against her head….

Dsc 0031Web-12

Dsc 0029Web-12

Little button from a button collection we got from our neighbor.

Dsc 0037Web-11

Ready for the beach!

Dsc 0035Web-10

3 Responses to “Sun hats”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Very cute! It’s always nice to have two. And cute little starfish, too!

  2. Mom Z Says:

    Wow! Both hats are sweet. Jason’s hat does have special flair; did you do this freehand/ no pattern? Did you whip it up when you took a break from excavating your walkway ? You could both sell these hats at Saturday market!

  3. Jason Says:

    Yes, technically there was a pattern, but it consisted of a shape for the wedges which I cut out of the fabric and then just written directions.
    I took a break from the backyard work all day yesterday…

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