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thunderstorm looming at the park

We took the kids to the 53rd street fountain park. The black clouds were already starting to roll in and lightning was cracking in the distance, but we managed to squeeze in a little play time.

This is the park we love to go to at dusk, due to the complete lack of shade. Also the sun reflects off the light concrete and practically blinds us mid-day.

Another bonus to evening play is the fountain lights that make each spray look like a firework. The lights weren’t on tonight…I hope they do get turned on soon!

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First Couch Surfing experience for us!

I have been super excited about Couch Surfing since I first heard about it. Share a couch, lend a couch for more personable (and affordable!) travel anywhere in the world.

We are hoping to scrape enough money together to take the family to Europe in a few months (!!) so I finally set up my CSing profile about four days ago. Four days…I was thinking no one would be interested in staying with us in Hillsboro, as much as we would love to host, but we got a request!

A couple and their 18 month old stayed a night with us. Dad, Brook, is walking across America to raise funds for clean water access. He started a few days ago from the coast and will end in North Carolina.

Here is their journey blog. It was wonderful to meet them! They and some of their brothers and sisters are traveling the country and abroad for various reasons. It’s such an inspiration and I can’t wait for us to be on the other side of the couch surfing relationship as well.

I hope CS’ing continues to introduce us to new people and experiences. So far, two thumbs up from us!

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