We’ve been so lucky to avoid allergies up until now. Jason and I have never had any issues with allergies and suddenly TWO of our kids have them.

Xander’s eyes were itchy, red and watering. I took him into the doctor fearing pink eye and when I left with orders to start Claritin and eye drops I was wishing it was pink eye!

Lotus has always had issues with a little patch of eczema on her right cheek that gets out of control if I don’t medicate it periodically.

We all went outside to get some fresh air today…

Lotus sat on a blanket gnawing on some grass a couple times.

Dsc 0001Web-28

That patch of eczema turned into this: still all on the right side. Ugh!

Dsc 0023Allergyweb

Dsc 0024Allergyweb

My poor baby was rubbing it like crazy with her fist:(

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  1. omi Says:

    aww, poor wittle thing! she looks miserable! Did you give her anything for it?

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