Summer Solstice

We hit the Keller fountain for some fun in the sun.

Dsc 0032Web-7

I set up my chair in the shade for Lotus and myself and after being there for an hour these dudes decided it was also a good area to have a smoke and stay awhile. ::::::::cough, cough:::::::::::

Dsc 0026Web-13

So we moved to the nice shady spot on the other side…

Dsc 0042Web-14

Dsc 0022Web-19

Dsc 0043Web-7

You know how some people say their kids are like fish and LOVE to be in the water? My kids are not those kids. They tire of it quickly. I am certain we would have hung out longer, climbing over the structures, without the water. In fact we have done just that in the winter and they had a blast.

Crazy kids:)

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