My man in his garage doing stuff on his man’s (dad’s) day. Meow!

He is learning to weld and planning on making us a gorgeous new gate. My brother, Aaron, hooked him up with the tools and gave him a lesson. Now he just needs to practice and figure out what he’ll need.

Dsc 0059Web-4

Playing with food is fun!

Dsc 0043Web-6

I finished a sweater for myself. I yanked the yarn from another sweater I made but never wore.

Remember this one?


It now looks like this…

Dsc 0056Web-3

The fit is…meh. The neck hangs too big so when I don’t secure it with the top button it hangs sloppily. That is the same problem I had with the other sweater. 🙁 So I’m feeling a little depressed about it. Too big at the top, too little in the middle.

I’m taking a couple weeks off from knitting to sulk about it.

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