Lots of sewing lately! In fact, we loaned our tiny Singer out and had to buy another just so we could keep sewing. It will be nice to have them both for the different features.

Jason made me some knitting project bags for Mother’s day…

Dsc 0010Web-21

I love them! He made me a nice big one for sweater projects as well.

Dsc 0011Bweb-1

We have a couple kid birthday parties to attend so Jason used the same pattern to make back packs. This one is for Emma. Simon models it for us…

Dsc 0009Emmabagweb

Dsc 0008Web-20

My niece, Noa, will be three. I knit her a bear and then tried my hand at sewing a dress for it. No pattern and it looks pretty crazy, but Xander says it looks great so hopefully Noa will like it too…

Dsc 0007Noabearweb

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