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Imported some photos off the camera

Isaac’s small gathering for his 10th birthday. The ice cream cake was delicious!

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The Middles and I went out to check out the garden beds and the Brussels sprout plant turned into this gorgeous, yellow bush! A beautiful plant *can* result from neglect. Ha!

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Last years carrots that never got bigger than baby fingers, got slightly bigger than baby fingers…

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I snapped a pic of Lotus in her nest just before I climbed in for the night. All of our babies started out the first years between me and Jason.

It’s definitely going to be bittersweet when Lotus wants her own bed. Yay for sprawling out again after 13 years, but waking up to the sweet baby face and baby hands holding my arm is something I’m going to savor every day until then.

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Not on the move yet! She still wants to be held most of the time but a little playtime on the blanket is okay by her…but not *too* long. haha!

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I *heart* her!

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Look who is 10

Double digits time!

Isaac is 10 and loving his Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Xbox game today.

He is my awesome, amazing Isaac, such a great mentor to his younger brothers and wonderful holder and entertainer to Lotus. We couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to parenthood. We love you Isaac!!!!!

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And, in other news, look who is breaking free from the play mat (although completely unintentional. She was a little upset about it. haha!).

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Look who I get for an hour


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Jason’s workout

Started out with a Simon (we missed that pic) and moved up to an Isaac…

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Switched out to a Xander…

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Finished with a Lotus cool down…

Dsc 0021Bweb

I tried to climb up but apparently I’m too heavy. What??? Three Isaac’s and a Lotus too much for one lift? pshhh.

ps shame on you if you’re trying to add that up! 😉


Lots of sewing lately! In fact, we loaned our tiny Singer out and had to buy another just so we could keep sewing. It will be nice to have them both for the different features.

Jason made me some knitting project bags for Mother’s day…

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I love them! He made me a nice big one for sweater projects as well.

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We have a couple kid birthday parties to attend so Jason used the same pattern to make back packs. This one is for Emma. Simon models it for us…

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My niece, Noa, will be three. I knit her a bear and then tried my hand at sewing a dress for it. No pattern and it looks pretty crazy, but Xander says it looks great so hopefully Noa will like it too…

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Ava time

All the little cousins are on the outside! Woot! It was a lot of fun sharing the pregnancy experience with my sister and sis-in-law and now we get to enjoy our babies being so close in age.

Icen, Lotus and Ava…

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Such a sweetie…

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So many babies this year!

My sister’s (and my!) friend Kisten had her baby girl, Ayla Noelle last week.

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And, as of yesterday, I have a new niece, Ava. I get to meet her tomorrow! How fun all these new moms get to have their babies just in time for mother’s day. I missed it by a week with my first baby. ha! My baby, who will be 10 this month. yay!

Sweater fits!

My friend Kristin made Lotus this gorgeous sweater and it fits her now! The perfect spring sweater!

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Nice day out…and in.

Another restaurant copy meal. The kids like the “make a face” meal at IHOP. They were pretty shocked when I surprised them with it at home. The biggest shock was probably that I bought Go-gurt.

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Lotus cruises right over the top of her Boppy pillow…

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So we borrowed Aundi and Casey’s exersaucer. I think she’s going to like it:)

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Hooray for kids playing outside! They have been riding bikes, playing out back, walking to the nature area in our ‘hood. Love, love, loving the warmer weather and looking forward to camping.

(ps, Jason is going to put down a nice paved path down there off the deck stairs and a fire pit off the step to the lower yard. The back two garden beds are going to be strawberries on the right, leaf lettuces on the left. I’m keeping it simple this year.)

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A few years ago I wanted to make an effort to eliminate yelling.

I would get frustrated when I had to repeat myself and raise my voice in an effort to get a response. Maybe after 5-6 shouts from across the room I would get a response.

I quickly decided this was not how I wanted to do things. First, the kids get the idea they can ignore us until we get loud and it starts sounding angry and, second, I hate hearing myself yelling. It sounds ugly and not how I want to be.

To change my behavior, I committed to getting up each time I needed to talk to or redirect one of the children, place a hand on him gently to get his attention and then communicate softly on his level. Guess what? It works much better! We have had a much less yelly life since.


There was one bit of yelling left and it was not out of frustration but yelling things to the kids downstairs from upstairs. Things like “come up for dinner!…come up for dinner! can anyone hear me??? COME UP FOR DINNER!!!” Or the kids getting too loud downstairs next to Jason’s office while he is working and I’m yelling for them to not be so loud. See the problem there?

Well, I found the solution and it is brilliant! An intercom! We now have one and it’s working so nicely. The push of a button and I can quietly say “Dinner time, Guys.” and they hear me! yay!

(ps Maybe you’re thinking why don’t I walk my fat butt down there to talk, and yes, I thought that too. In fact, I was doing that some of the time but alas the temptation to yell was too great when holding the baby, working on dinner etc. The intercom takes that temptation away completely.)

And just because no post is complete without a picture, this is one I snapped of our evening activities. Isaac setting up a game of dominoes for us, Lotus propped dangerously on the couch, Simon sound asleep, Luke on his bed. Good times.

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