Easter fun 2011 has begun

Once again…went with raw eggs instead of hard boiled. They still dye up beautifully, hide beautifully, seek beautifully and go back into the fridge in its original, versatile, raw form beautifully. And less work for me! (Whenever there is an easier way, I take it! ha!)

Dsc 0029Easterweb

I seriously love how the brown eggs dye up. So much richer than the white eggs, don’t you think?

Dsc 0034Easterweb


Dsc 0036Easterweb

Maybe I should have gotten smaller baskets?

They each got a small box of assorted chocolates. Simon got a floor puzzle, Xander got oil pastels and stamps and Isaac got a quill and jar of ink. yep, smaller baskets would have been better. Hmm maybe I can label each thing and tuck them into the same basket?

Dsc 0040Easterweb

2 Responses to “Easter fun 2011 has begun”

  1. Jessica Says:

    You have to fill them with that crinkly paper easter grass first, that takes up a ton of space and makes them look purdy to!

  2. Zoe Says:

    I went with the under-stuffed baskets and all was okay! They didn’t seem to care and Isaac, who’s basket was the least filled said “best Easter ever!” (and no mess to clean up! whew!)

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