A great grandma is gone

Sunday night at midnight (or is that Monday morning?), Jason’s Grandma Louise passed away:(

Grandma Louise, 100 years old this past November.

Just a week ago she was still cruising around in her wheel chair. The sweetest, smiliest, most loving grandma ever. She has been feeling ready to go for some time…maybe the arthritis pain or the loneliness that comes with outliving all her family was her motivation. We understand but she will be greatly missed by her hubby and us young-in’s.

Jason is extremely sad but helping his grandpa move back from the higher care facility to a studio apartment at the retirement center has been wonderful for them both, I think. A chance for them each to focus on a task but also reflect on the loss.

I hope my kids remember her! She has been such a treasure to us.

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  1. Jessica Says:

    To have lived 100 years must have been an amazing adventure. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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