Jason saw a picture of this style of hat and wanted me to make him one. There was definitely some “you never make anything for ME” comments involved.

So, I found the Brimmer pattern and made the necessary tweaks involved to get the basket weave texture he was looking for.

Due to my own haste in reading the pattern, I made it an inch too short (maybe the pattern could have hinted the 5″ was in addition to the 1″ of cuff for us late night knitters…just sayin’) and I ended up having to make another. Luckily I have plenty of smaller heads eager to have a new hat, so it didn’t need to be ripped out.

Dsc 0026Web-12

Dsc 0027Web-10

Just because Xander and Simon didn’t want to be left out of picture time, they are modeling the same two hats…

Dsc 0031Web-11

Dsc 0033Web-11

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  1. Omi Says:

    Holy crap those are cute! Great color too!

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