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Curls after a bath

Remember those super ugly Cabbage Patch Preemie dolls?

Lotus is sporting the same hairdo, but she’s able to pull it off;)

Dsc 0014Web-17

Because preemies are always born with hair like this…


Icen and his 2+ months of cuteness

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Dsc 0121Web-1

Dsc 0083Web

Dsc 0112Web

Dsc 0129Crop 5X7Web

Dsc 0140Web

Dsc 0145Crop5X7Web

Cousins…the cuteness is almost too much. Ridiculous!

Apparently Lotus gnawed on Icen’s fuzzy baby head for a second (while I was off changing out my lens). Can you blame her?

Dsc 0062Crop 5X7Web

Dsc 0068Web-2

Lotus is still cute as ever!

Four months.

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Why do photo shoots always end up with the clothes off?

She didn’t seem to mind…

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Dsc 0029Web-9

Can I go back to sucking my thumb?

Dsc 0034Web-8

Cutest baby ever…seriously!

Dsc 0036Web-5

Hard act to follow but baby Icen is next and I think he can hold his own;)

Easter fun 2011 has begun

Once again…went with raw eggs instead of hard boiled. They still dye up beautifully, hide beautifully, seek beautifully and go back into the fridge in its original, versatile, raw form beautifully. And less work for me! (Whenever there is an easier way, I take it! ha!)

Dsc 0029Easterweb

I seriously love how the brown eggs dye up. So much richer than the white eggs, don’t you think?

Dsc 0034Easterweb


Dsc 0036Easterweb

Maybe I should have gotten smaller baskets?

They each got a small box of assorted chocolates. Simon got a floor puzzle, Xander got oil pastels and stamps and Isaac got a quill and jar of ink. yep, smaller baskets would have been better. Hmm maybe I can label each thing and tuck them into the same basket?

Dsc 0040Easterweb

Latourell Falls hike

Its been a long and emotional weekend with Jason sitting at his grandma’s side until she passed and now helping his grandpa move.

With only one car, Jason has been the one to go and I stay home with the kids. I thought today was going to be the same but Jason realized he could use his grandpa’s van and I could take the kids for a hike.

My sister, Omi and baby Icen came and it was wonderful! Great exercise, wonderful weather and awesome sister time.

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Dsc 0001Web-26

Dsc 00068Web

Dsc 0007Web-26

You see that little Simon? He’s four now…REALLY four, exhaustingly four. I love him:D

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A great grandma is gone

Sunday night at midnight (or is that Monday morning?), Jason’s Grandma Louise passed away:(

Grandma Louise, 100 years old this past November.

Just a week ago she was still cruising around in her wheel chair. The sweetest, smiliest, most loving grandma ever. She has been feeling ready to go for some time…maybe the arthritis pain or the loneliness that comes with outliving all her family was her motivation. We understand but she will be greatly missed by her hubby and us young-in’s.

Jason is extremely sad but helping his grandpa move back from the higher care facility to a studio apartment at the retirement center has been wonderful for them both, I think. A chance for them each to focus on a task but also reflect on the loss.

I hope my kids remember her! She has been such a treasure to us.

Dsc 0008-1-Tm

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Virginia Lake Loop Trail

A sunny day is here!

We broke out the Oregon Hikes with Kids book to pick out a new trail and Virginia Lake on Sauvie Island was the pick. Close and not too difficult.

Xander wanted to stay home so it was just me, Isaac, Simon, Lotus and our dog Luke. Lotus’ first hike!

The clean, fresh air through my nose, Lotus snuggled into my chest looking around.

So many bees by this bridge area, the buzz was an impressive harmony.

Six snakes spotted, symphony of frogs, ducks quacking,

it was a good hike.

Dsc 0024Web-9

Do you see all the stuff I carried for the 2+ miles? I think this counts as a good exercise day;)

Dsc 0028Web-10

Dsc 0029Web-8

duck watching hideout…

Dsc 0036Web-4


Dsc 0037Web-9


Jason saw a picture of this style of hat and wanted me to make him one. There was definitely some “you never make anything for ME” comments involved.

So, I found the Brimmer pattern and made the necessary tweaks involved to get the basket weave texture he was looking for.

Due to my own haste in reading the pattern, I made it an inch too short (maybe the pattern could have hinted the 5″ was in addition to the 1″ of cuff for us late night knitters…just sayin’) and I ended up having to make another. Luckily I have plenty of smaller heads eager to have a new hat, so it didn’t need to be ripped out.

Dsc 0026Web-12

Dsc 0027Web-10

Just because Xander and Simon didn’t want to be left out of picture time, they are modeling the same two hats…

Dsc 0031Web-11

Dsc 0033Web-11

Not Taco Bell

The kids thought the Taco Bell theme for lunch was a hoot.

“Pintos & Cheese and Cinnamon Twists”…but all made from scratch at home. mmmmmm!

Dsc 0012Web-14

These babies slide right off the baking sheet and into the bowl, and are quite good!

Simple pie crusty type recipe with a twist.

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Need a bigger stand

Remember the lego iPod stand?

Dsc 0003Ipodweb-1

Jason and I need bigger ones;) We waited for second generation iPad to release and then we hit “buy.” The portability along with easier to browse is fabulous. Facetime is fun too. I wish we had that while I was on my trip.

New docking station…

Dsc 0011Web-21

Jason is a mini master lego builder:)

New game that is fun but too much like World of Warcraft: Dungeon Hunter 2 HD. I guess I really am over that game. haha! or maybe it’s because I couldn’t choose a female character. girls rule!Dsc 0006Web-19

Dsc 0003Web-25