(work) week long adventure

We drove north for an impromptu visit with our friend Kelly and mutual friend, Kristin. Three moms and thirteen kids under the age of eleven.

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Kristin and her three left and we stayed another night for a get-together with the Seattle moms from our online moms group…five moms and eighteen kids. Kelly’s house is so roomy it didn’t feel cramped at all! (yes, I was experiencing major house envy).

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It is good to be home. Lotus was happy as a clam as long as she was being held. I suppose that’s not unusual for her but not having Jason made for one exhausted mom. Jason spoils me rotten at home and I let him know as soon as I got home how much I appreciate it. ha!

The hermit I am, enjoyed the visit but will now need a full week or more of NO activity to recover from all the stimuli….oh crap, it’s Bunco week. Okay, Bunco and that’s it. Oh, jeez…Xander has sculpture class. Okay those two things and THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!

Nighty night time…

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