Knit and tell

This sweater for Lotus has been my “in between project.” The knitting I pick up between other projects…because I didn’t really enjoy knitting it. The garter stitch made it feel like it was taking forever to knit.

But then I remembered I wanted to try embroidered buttons and it gave me the boost I needed to finish up today.

It’s the Garter Stitch Cardigan in Knitting for Baby by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas.

Dsc 0012Web-13

Dsc 0011Web-19

Dsc 0013Buttonweb

I was pleased with the embroidered button making process and how whimsical they look on the sweater but I wish the actual button didn’t feel…how do I describe them?…Cheap? Flimsy? Like they need a little cushion on top instead of the hard, flat, sharp(?) surface they are.

Maybe better product or process is in order.

Dsc 0001Buttonweb

Dsc 0006Buttonweb

And after some inspiration…

I had to put a bird on it…

Dsc 0010Buttonsweb

A six month sized sweater and Lotus is only three months, so it’s got a lot of growing room. The thickness of the garter stitch makes it a cozy, warm jacket. I’ll whip up a hat to match. 🙂

Dsc 0025Web-7

Dsc 0019Web-15

2 Responses to “Knit and tell”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Ahhh, how cute! And Lotus obviously loves it! 🙂

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Lotus is so cute! I miss living in Portland and I miss hanging out with you Zoe. You have made such a beautiful family!
    The sweater is just too adorable! I might have to have you make me one!

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