“camping” in Astoria

We love all the fun things to do in Astoria. I took the kids for a day trip a couple years ago. This time Jason came too and we stayed at the KOA with friends.

We didn’t feel up to tenting in the rain and the RV is going up for sale (anyone want to buy it??), so we opted for the deluxe cabin…

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A nice dry porch swing for knitting.

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All the kids wore their mama-made sweaters and kept very warm.

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KOAs always have nice amenities for kids: Pool, mini golf, free pancake breakfast…

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We climbed the Astoria Column, all 164 steps to the top.

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Up and up and up and up…

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The Battery Russell is always a hit. A kids fort gets an upgrade from blankets and chairs to this masterpiece…

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Toured the museum and lighthouse ship…

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  1. Kristin Lake Says:

    lol, “camping” We felt the same way. Like we were cheating. And I guess we were but still… had fun!

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