Look who’s four today!

My baby Simon is four years old today! His first question when he woke up was, "where’s my cake??"

He wanted balloons on his birthday this year, so balloons he got!

He also wanted the penguin pillow pet. We got him that too. It’s just too bad he meant it as a replacement for the dolphin pillow pet he wanted (and received) for Christmas. I thought he would love them both but apparently his heart has only enough love for one pillow pet at a time. hehe!

Xander’s gift to Simon is pretty cool! These "make a books" all ready for Simon’s personal touch.

2 Responses to “Look who’s four today!”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Happy birthday, Simon! Love the balloons and Xander’s gift (and of COURSE, the Batman balloon!!). But now I have the stupid jingle for Pillow Pets stuck in my head (I heard it from time to time when I’m in Fred Meyer). “It’s a pillow… it’s a pet… it’s a PILLOW PET!!” Ugh.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Happy Birthday Simon! Hope it was amazing!

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