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cutie babies and booties

They might be related, eh?

The bear booties I knit for Lotus forever ago, back when we had no idea what this little person would be like, finally fit. They are so cute:)

Dsc 0019Web-12

Dsc 0020Bootiesweb

Just ‘cuz

Dsc 0012Web-12

Dsc 0017Web-16

Clicky click for extra cuteness…


Visit with baby Icen

My two littlest just before heading over to Omi and Aaron’s house…

I swaddled Simon and rocked him in the rocking chair. I called his brothers over to see how well he smiles now and soothed him with back pats and baby talk. I tucked him in on the couch next to Lotus and he must have stayed there in cozy bliss for 20 minutes. hahaha!

Xander thought it was pretty dumb at first but after seeing all the babying play out he said, “Me next!” ha! That’s right, they are all still my babies.

Dsc 0005Web-16

Finally holding Icen again. So tiny and sweepy…sigh:)

Dsc 0006 2Daysweb

Dsc 0007 2Daysweb

Only eight weeks difference in age and my baby girl is a giant next to him!

Two cousins down, one to go! I’m so excited to have both my sister and sis-in-law having babies so close together.

Dsc 0020Web-8

I like the tag coming off of Icen’s head. It says 100% pure baby cuteness.

Dsc 0021Web-11

I just do what I’m told…by Xander

He makes stuff and tells me to get my camera.

Today’s creations…

Xander sports a crown, cape, shield, wrist guard and metal tube weapon.

Simon displays the map. It looks like X marks the treasure. (so that’s what the paper box full of paper gold coins was for!)

Dsc 0042Web-9

Dsc 0044Web-5

The first crown was too small so Lotus was made queen . Just like Cinderella but in this story having a small head is the desirable feature;)

Dsc 0047Web-4

Okay, back to Icen

Do we look related? hahahaha!!!

Omi and Icen…

Dsc 0048Web-3

Me and Simon, and my mama…

Dsc 0038Birthsm-1

two sweaters down, two to go

I feel horrible for posting this on the same day as baby Icen’s birth but I guess not horrible enough to stop myself from doing it. Ha!

Not wanting to diminish the awesomeness of Icen’s arrival AT ALL, I had to document my second sweater completed.

Dsc 0001 2Sweatersweb

Xander is pleased with his color choice “Purple Mystery.”

Dsc 0005 2Sweatersweb

There was plenty of the “water green” yarn leftover so I’m using it for a tiny sweater for Lotus in size 12 months and some bulky yarn has been ordered for Isaac’s sweater. WHew! after all of my babies have cozy pullovers I may need to take a knitting break!

One more pic of Icen

Ooops! The last pic didn’t get included for some reason.

Little sweetie face. ****swooon!!****

Dsc 0054Web

Baby Icen is here!

My sister Omi and her hubby Aaron had their first baby this morning!

Baby boy, Icen, weighing in at 5 pounds, 15 ounces and 20″. He is a tiny ball of cuteness.

Fresh out of the oven…

Dsc 0001Web-22

Dsc 0005Web-15

Dsc 0010Web-19

Dsc 0019Web-11

Dsc 0034Web Bw

Dsc 0037Web Bw

Dsc 0037Web-8 Dsc 0034Web-6

Grandma gets to hold him…

Dsc 0039Web-3

Dsc 0040Web-1

Two Aunties get a hold:)

Dsc 0041Web-3

Dsc 0042Web-8

Dsc 0024Web-8

Dsc 0026Web-10

I am so happy for you guys! He is such a beautiful baby, healthy as can be and taking to nursing so naturally already. <3

Almost two months old

…and getting too big to model my newborn hats!

I made some more buttons but this time used shape cutters instead of button molds. Lesson learned: Don’t forget to set the holes down in a trough. The thread overwhelms the button after it’s sewn on without that little gutter.

Dsc 0001Buttonsweb

The hats the buttons are for. I know, wild and crazy combo:)

Dsc 0013Hatweb

Busting out of the hat!

Dsc 0010Hatweb

Dsc 0009Web-19

Lotus is such a happy baby. And such a sucker for my baby talk. It doesn’t take much to get her to bust out a smile.

Dsc 0014Web-15

Dsc 0016Web-12

Dsc 0046Web-5

Baby mobile

We need to start up a website for Xander’s creations!

He made a mobile for Lotus out of Tinker toys and paper.

looking up at it…

Dsc 0026Web-9

Dsc 0029Web-6

I think there’s a smile in there!

Dsc 0031Web-10

Yes! There is a smile!

Dsc 0034Web-5

Dsc 0033Web-10