Zipper pouch made by Jason

A new project was born from a need for better containment for my knitting notions. Everything stuffed in the inside pocket of my bag has lead to things spilling out the second I throw my bag down many times.

So…..I thought what I needed was a pencil pouch. After searching stores and not finding what I needed, a Google search turned up this adorable zipper pouch sewing pattern, with embroidered applique.

I still have very little patience for sewing. Isn’t it sad to want the product but lack the skill?

Jason once again joined me on the project and did most of the machine work while I tackled the embroidery part of the pattern. Embroidery? Who knew it could be so fun?!!! I had so much fun, I’m trying to think what else needs some embroidered flair. ha!

Dsc 0001Web-24

Aside from the little embroidery, this is really a show and tell for Jason. He is getting really good! This might be the first time the old sewing machine has had the zipper foot used. He rocked it out like a pro.

Dsc 0009Web-20

Dsc 0013Web-9

Dsc 0017Web-17

Jason had fun too because he wants to make a money pouch for one of the kids.

Dsc 0021Web-12

2 Responses to “Zipper pouch made by Jason”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Looks good! You guys are so awesome!

  2. Robyn Says:

    Your husband is awesome!

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