Ninjas and stuff

The boys are thrilled with the shirt ninja mask we figured out how to make last night. A whole lotta wooop-POW going on here!

Dsc 0034Ninjaweb

Dsc 0041Web-4

So now while I’m innocently chillin’ on the couch watching the Phineas & Ferb marathon this morning, I look over to see this face next to me…

Dsc 0039Web-4

Other happenings today…Jason thought today was a good day for green eggs. No reason.

Dsc 0038Web-6

And, I might be breaking out the sewing machine again but *only* because I need something for my knitting. This could get ugly…

Dsc 0032Web-5

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    Where’s little Lotus’ ninja outfit? 😉 Looks like the boys enjoyed it!

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