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Since we ran out of perler beads, a trip to the craft store was DIRE (keeping the craft supplies stocked is important around here;).

Along with the three giant buckets of perler beads, we grabbed a bunch of new crafts to try, including these bead kits…

The middles (that’s my new nick name for Xander and Simon…I do love the symmetry of having four children!) had fun making themselves a necklace. Xander says he’ll make me one but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Dsc 0002Beads Web

Dsc 0025Beads Web

Dsc 0031Beads Web

Another project that landed in our shopping cart was a blanket we put together.

Aundi and Casey made us a cozy fleece blanket that’s blue and red with trucks on it a few years ago. We have been using it for Lotus’ “nest” on the couch, where we tuck her in when she’s napping. Jason and I made another one in a fun girlie print last night.

Awfully cute blankie for only $13 at the fabric store!

Dsc 0023Web-8

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    $13 to make that blanket? It’s super cute! Maybe you could show me how to make one of those when I stop by for a knitting session! 😉 And love the necklaces! Good job, middles!

  2. Zoe Says:

    Easy! Here’s a good link

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