Cooking class

An amazing day! We got all three boys into the cooking class together!

This never happens…getting them all into a class together I mean. Classes always seem to be broken into age groups that just miss including one brother, but not today! We lucked out…with such small class sizes the teacher combined the two age groups and let Simon join.

I took the pocket camera the kids usually use and snapped a picture of the class eating the meal they created…

Img 5684Web

I’m not sure why the photos are so long and lean. I haven’t touched this camera in a long time and I’m not even sure how to change the settings.

Check out the other photos I found, that the kids took.

Lotus sleeping in our big family bed…haha!

Img 5496Web

Isaac and his DS

Img 5495Web

One of Xander’s creations (I believe this box is what later evolved into “my first studio apartment.”

Img 5668Web

Random kid perspective pics of Lotus

Img 5586Web

On Isaac…

Img 5534Web

On me…

Img 5592Web

An older one, modeling one of the cable hats I made…

Img 5314Web

This one must have been taken by Simon. Completely out of focus but I love how it shows Xander at the table where he spends much of the day working on his crafts, And Jason popping up from his spot where he uses his computer.

Img 5606Web

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