Baby Icen, 11 days old

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His little belly button from the side is my fav. Reminds me of a Cabbage Patch doll belly.

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Dsc 0129Uncropped Bw

3 Responses to “Baby Icen, 11 days old”

  1. Omi Says:

    What an amazingly attractive family. ; ) I love how they turned out! Thanks Zoe!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    The second photo… I’ve seen that look a time or two… 😉 These are beautiful! My favorite is the last one with everyone in it. Second favorite is a toss up between the little tiny feet and the little naked monkey being held by Aaron.

  3. Kristin Lake Says:

    So sweet and sooooo little! Can’t wait to meet him in person but I love seeing the pictures. Beautiful family you have there Omi and Aaron!

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