Almost two months old

…and getting too big to model my newborn hats!

I made some more buttons but this time used shape cutters instead of button molds. Lesson learned: Don’t forget to set the holes down in a trough. The thread overwhelms the button after it’s sewn on without that little gutter.

Dsc 0001Buttonsweb

The hats the buttons are for. I know, wild and crazy combo:)

Dsc 0013Hatweb

Busting out of the hat!

Dsc 0010Hatweb

Dsc 0009Web-19

Lotus is such a happy baby. And such a sucker for my baby talk. It doesn’t take much to get her to bust out a smile.

Dsc 0014Web-15

Dsc 0016Web-12

Dsc 0046Web-5

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    You made those buttons? They’re super cute! And I LOVE the hat! You always make such beautiful things!

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