garden happenings

Summer 2010 was our first attempt at a garden.

Some bad decisions were made along with some less favorable weather. I was thinking our next garden would be much simpler with various lettuces, some tomatoes and that’s it. But, honestly, we’re going to go with a Farmers Market year for 2011.

Well into the fall of 2010 I gave up on the garden and figured my tomatoes would never grow, my carrots would never get bigger than tooth pick size, onions never bigger than marbles and the brussel sprouts never produce more than the giant sun blocking leaves.

I was right about everything but the brussel sprouts. They’ve been busy growing out there all by themselves.

Too bad they look a little over done for eating. But what do I know? Rookie!

Dsc 0022Web-17

You see how they take over my 4×4′ garden bed? I’m guessing the space required and the harvest time of seven months may not be ideal for my home garden.

Dsc 0024Web-7

Dsc 0025Web-6

Xander always draws faces on balloons. Does this look a little like Barack Obama? I mean that in the nicest way possible. 😉 It’s just that he came to mind when I first saw it.

Dsc 0018Web-5

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