Playdate just for Simon

We have wonderful friends for Isaac and Xander and Simon enjoys tagging along but I decided I need to start setting up some playdates just for him.

Today we went to play with Pablo and he had so much fun!

I’m embarrassed to say this was the last time we visited them…

Pablo and Simon

Dsc 0003Pablosm-1

And this was today…

Pablo and Simon

Dsc 0015Web-9

But I am a hermit and they live in Portland;) I’ll try and make it over again before 3.5 years have whizzed by.

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    Yay for Simon! It sounds like being a hermit and almost refusing to drive into Portland is a shared trait between you and Omi 🙂 I’m hoping Icen and Ayla will have plenty of play dates!

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