baby swing

We were at Target and a baby swing jumped into our cart! We lasted 6 weeks…that’s pretty good, right?

Dsc 0001Swingweb

Dsc 0002Swingweb

I have to sneak in a pic of Isaac since he seems to elude the camera these days, which is the complete opposite of Xander who demands photos be taken of him and his creations, and Simon who just squeezes himself into photos regardless.

Isaac: my 9 year old, still a kid. He loaded pillows and a blanket into a laundry basket so he could watch TV from it. Yep, still a kid:) I love it!

Dsc 0004Web-32

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    Wow, how did that happen!? 😉 I see you have another “baby thing”… the bouncer. Looks like she enjoys them both! I hope you are too!

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