Our life…

I was trying to spend a few minutes on the computer. The actual computer and not the iPod, so I could catch up the finances.

Lotus was placed, asleep, down on the floor on a blanket.

Maybe a full minute after, I look over to see this…

Dsc 0001Web-21

15 seconds later she realizes her situation and lets me know it is NOT okay with her!

30 seconds after picking her up she is asleep again.

Babies are so smart! They know where it’s cozy. Now if I could just type with one hand.


Back to my iPod…

5 Responses to “Our life…”

  1. Kinsey Says:

    I love how Oscar does this. Sometimes I get three whole minutes of him in the baby hammock so that I can go for a wee on my own.

  2. Zoe Says:

    Three whole minutes?? Hehe. We had a nice thing going with her sleeping half the night with Jason but lately she is demanding her mommy pacifier all night. It’s a good thing I have done this before and I do know I will still be alive after three years of this. lol

  3. Robyn Says:

    Story of my life too. Quentin prefer sleeping in someone’s arms or on my chest. I don’t blame him though. (And I love it too – though some time without him in hands would be nice too!) Usually I am using my computer with a baby on me….!

  4. Kristin Lake Says:

    You could strap her on with the thing we made. At least then you’d have two hands! She is awfully cute peeking around the couch there.

  5. Zoe Says:

    I have done that! It does work great. It’s amazing how much more work I will make for myself being too lazy to fetch the carrier and strap it on. 😉

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