Lotus is 1 month old

We hit the one month mark and the baby acne is in full force, along with the start of some random adorable baby smiles.

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This is her nest on the couch, made up of two pillows and blankets. We decided to try not buying a single piece of baby equipment and see how it goes. I was curious to see what item we cave and buy first after she’s here. So far we haven’t bought anything, although a baby swing did slip into my mind momentarily.

It’s, of course, exhausting to hold a baby all day and night but between Jason and I (and Isaac too!) and a few winks on the baby nest, we are managing it.

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She seems to approve!

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2 Responses to “Lotus is 1 month old”

  1. Robyn Says:

    I’ve had the same swing for all 3 of my kids and it was my savior at some times. I don’t know how you’re doing it without baby items! Where does she sleep? Where did all your other babies sleep? No crib?
    Happy 1 month Lotus!

  2. Zoe Says:

    It has been nice actually to have a baby without the invasion of baby “stuff” that usually comes with it. We have always co-slept with our babies right in the bed between Jason and I and it works well (for us).
    Xander saw a picture of a crib and asked what it was. LOL…He had no idea. He said the best he could come up with was a bunch of baby gates were tied together for some reason. We will need to break out the baby gates eventually, living in a split level house.

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