We had an amazing turn out of friends and family for our New baby and Xander’s birthday celebration! I think our house reached more than maximum capacity. haha!

Simon and Lotus chilling on the couch, waiting for guests to arrive…

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My brother and sis-in-law, Aaron and Samantha brought their awesome popcorn popper. It was a huge hit! Not only tasted yummy but fun to watch the fresh popcorn spill out of the popper.

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Xander and Lotus were showered with generosity. Look at all the friends! Being the craft man he is, Xander HAD to make himself a party hat for the occasion. Here he is with his hat on, opening gifts…

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Cake time! Lotus had a pink cake with flowers (bottom of the pic)…

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And Kelly surprised us with one of her amazing creations. We actually ended up with four cakes, much of it eaten!

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I tell everyone Kelly makes it look so easy making baby girls, since she has five girls and one boy, and it took us four tries. Here we are with our baby girls, Lotus and Sarah:)…

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The products of our last synchronized pregnancies: Hannah and Simon, looking cute as ever!

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We had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing everyone! Thank you all so much for coming. We love you!

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  1. Robyn Says:

    Wow, that’s funny about the tries for the opposite sex! That’s a lot of tries!
    Looks like a fun party.
    My parents have a very similar popcorn machine, it’s awesome, isn’t it?

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