The great grandparents meet Lotus

Grandma Louise snuggles Lotus. 100 years old and such a blessing to have her in our lives! It gets me all emotional thinking about it.

Dsc 0003Web-24

Grandpa Irwin <3

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It has been such a treat having Isaac dote on the baby. He picks her up and keeps her happy when we need a moment to finish something. All the boys love her so much.

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I had to snap a pic of the family eating out. No more getting away with the small booth for us!

Dsc 0022Diningweb

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  1. Robyn Says:

    Wow, 100 years old! That’s incredible!
    How is it going out to eat with 4 kids? We’ve done it I think twice now with 3 kids… we’re trying to get the hang of it!

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