another hat…

Lotus models the hats for baby Icen, my sister’s baby due next month.

Cabled hat

Dsc 0010Web-16

I think I finally have the one: the gift wrap bonnet

Dsc 0028Web-9

I made the next size up from the tiny one I made Lotus so it may be slightly roomy for Icen at the start. But, hey, it will last more than a week hopefully. Lotus had a 14.25″ head at birth and all her baby hats seemed small. Who knew I was going to have such a robust baby?

Dsc 0013Web-8

Dsc 0016Web-10

Had to throw this pic in. hehe:)

Dsc 0022Web-16

5 Responses to “another hat…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Jason, you should be a model for GQ magazine!

  2. Zoe Says:

    I don’t call him Sexypants for nothing;)

  3. Omi Says:

    Lotus is soo cute! And to think those little hats will be on my little guy soon….ahhhh!
    Thanks Zoe ; )

  4. Kirsten Says:

    Love the green hat! And the last picture is super cute!

  5. Robyn Says:

    Great hats! All of them.

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