Back to life as usual…

Jason returned to work after three glorious weeks off. I managed to load up all four kids into the car for our weekly playdate with friends and then took Lotus with me to the monthly Bunco night, all in the same day!!!!

Before you get impressed by my awesome achievement, I suppose I should remind you that Jason works from home. He went out and got donuts and coffee for breakfast and held the baby during his lunch hour. Today he made all the kids lunch. Gawd, I am spoiled! I love my Sexypants.

Remember those homemade baby carriers? They are working out perfectly! I have the chic brown one in the car for public use and the other one in the house for hands-free whatever-i-want. Nice!



Knitting projects are piling up since I have all these changing ideas for baby gifts. It took me three tries to get the sizing right on this cabled hat pattern. By the time I finished three, my fingers were so sore I had to take a couple days off!

Now that my hands have recovered, I am thinking a different pattern is the one. <sigh>

Dsc 0001Hatsweb

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    You are supermom! And lucky to have Jason, a great superdad! If I don’t end up getting a carrier/wrap at my baby shower, I might have to commission you to make an awesome wrap! I love how yours and Omi’s turned out!

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