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The finished mei tais

My friends rock! Sheri and Kristin and Jason all did a part in making these carriers. Kristin stayed until 1am cranking most of it out and they look GORGEOUS!!!!

I am so excited to have my baby snuggled in it! I can’t wait!

Dsc 0010Mtweb

Dsc 0011Mtweb

My sister’s carrier…

Dsc 0013Mtweb

Omi tries hers on with Mr. Bear. I’m filling mine with Mrs. Belly…

Dsc 0015Mtweb

Me and my sister showing off our baby bellies. She is just 10 weeks behind me. I can’t wait until we have our little ones! And, yay, I can see I’m getting that pregnancy-homestretch-all-over-puffy-look.

Dsc 0016Web-9

Mei Tai baby carrier

My sister and I bought some fabric for making baby carriers like this one. Neither of us sew and I was having major anxieties over messing up our fabric.

But then I realized I had some ugly curtains in the linen closet and it was all I needed to go crazy on the sewing machine.

My awesome friends are helping me with more accurate sewing, with an actual pattern, with the real fabric BUT today I competed the curtain carrier with no pattern and barely a pin or straight seam. Definitely not measure twice, cut once…but I am pretty pleased with the results!

Dsc 0001Babycarrierweb

Definitely not comfortable with Simon in it….

Dsc 0004Carrierweb

But, it should work fine for the new baby! 🙂

Dsc 0007Carrierweb

35 and 35 today

Realized I am 35 weeks pregnant today on my 35th birthday:) I laid around all day, eating bon bons and watching TV. Life is good!

Photo321 35Weeks


One of our favorite activities!

Dsc 0003Web-22

Check out the cookie cutter work of Simon!

Dsc 0001Web-18

Icing and sprinkle time…

Dsc 0007Web-19

Dsc 0010Web-15

Dsc 0014Web-10

Guess who?

Dsc 0009Web-16

Dsc 0011Web-15

More knit-and-tell

Baby socks! Free pattern on Ravelry if you are a member there.

and now my fingers are sore from working the double pointed needles. Luckily these knit up fast. 🙂

Dsc 0001Socksweb

They are so tiny!

Dsc 0003Socksweb

halloween aftermath

Dsc 0022Halloweenweb

Dsc 0034Halloweenweb

A lot of loot for one block…

Dsc 0029Halloweenweb

halloween 2010

Dsc 0012Halloweenweb

Dsc 0016Halloweenweb

Dsc 0017Halloweenweb

hmmm…slightly better

I added a few rows to the neckline and it sits at a much better place now. I also noticed the sleeves have shrunk back up quite a bit??!! Strange.

It is still a bit big and sloppy but it will work great as a wrap for nursing baby and feeling cozy around the house this winter…as I’d hoped.


finished sweater #2

…and not happy:(

I blocked it (dampened and rolled water out in a towel, then let dry flat on the table) and it is huge now. And it doesn’t sit up on my shoulders comfortably. It hangs off very sloppy.

The sleeves are supposed to be 3/4 length and they were, straight off the needles. Now they are full length.





I have some leftover yarn. Maybe I can pick up some rows at the neck to at least tighten that up a bit. Sigh…

Soup and cornbread

with a little side of cuteness…

Dsc 0003Cookweb