3 days old

And we are playing dress up! My tie dye diapers apparently need another hot rinse because Lotus woke up with bluish dye on her bum after a wet diaper. It looks like she endured a beating. oops! Luckily it is fading with wipes and we’ll just get the diapers washed up better.

In the meantime, she is rocking a neon green Fuzzibunz diaper…

Dsc 0003 3Daysweb

We finally tried the knitted romper and matching hat and it fits! I was worried it would be too small considering her starting weight but it fits well and she looks so cozy in it.

I *love* her!

Dsc 0017 3Daysweb

Dsc 0013 3Daysweb

Dsc 0020 3Daysweb

3 Responses to “3 days old”

  1. Noemi M Says:

    So cute! love those outfit i wish can learn how knitting.. if i have baby soon i will love to make one of those.

  2. Kristin Says:

    That looks great on her! So Glad that it fit. That was my favorite of the ones you knitted.

  3. Robyn Says:

    That romper is awesome! Looks like it fits her well!

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