Waiting and knitting

39 weeks today…

Photo326 39Weeks

I am very tired! I take lots of naps and our family has retreated into the coziness of staying home together while we wait for baby to arrive.

We took the boys to the yarn store to pick out their colors for a VERY simple, mindless sweater pattern I have started for them.

Seriously awesome pattern for grabbing up and knitting throughout the day and letting my mind wander without worrying about missing a stitch. No need to look at the pattern every row and I should be able to keep knitting them after baby arrives, no problem. I love it!

Xander picked out “Mystery purple” and it is really pretty! Too bad my purples often photograph blue??

Dsc 0007Web-21

Isaac picked out “Water Green.” and you can see my slight OCD here with buttons already sewn on. I like to weave in all my ends and complete my finishing touches as I go, so when I bind off the needles at the end it is DONE, Baby:)

Dsc 0005Web-13

And look at my inventive hubby! He is the official yarn ball winder around here and he created his own swift to make the job easier. Some wood, clamps and the lazy susan from the spice cabinet and voila!

I love the pleased look on his face here…and Xander watching his sweater yarn get wound. How can I love them anymore than I do without nibbling on them? I *heart* my family so much. (totally swooning in pregnancy hormones right now. haha!

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7 Responses to “Waiting and knitting”

  1. Kristin Lake Says:

    You look wonderful, the sweaters in progress look wonderful and wow on the yarn winder! Way to go Jason! I’ll bring my crappy to wind yet oh so wonderful to work with Malabrigo yarn right over. Just kiiiiiding…. sort of.

  2. The man Says:

    You can’t buy that kind of ingenuity.

  3. Zoe Says:

    No you can’t, Babe.

  4. Barbra Says:

    Is there a yarn store in Hillsboro? Where is it? There are so many in Portland. Every up and coming neighborhood has one.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yes ,Jason is awesome…but we knew that! And , AWWWW, for the swooning with love for your family…I love you all too. I am praying for a safe delivery , with a healthy mom & baby .

  6. Mom Z Says:

    I’m not anonymous, I’m Mom!

  7. tina lubahn Says:

    It is so fun to watch your family grow =o) Can’t wait to see the new addition. Rest and relax as much as you can!

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