Jason’s Grandma Louise turns 100!

Grandma Louise took the mic and spoke about how thankful she is for all the loving, wonderful people in her life and that she “really can’t complain about a thing” hehe. She is the sweetest lady and like a mother to Jason.

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Jason recalling memories of Louise and Irwin taking him and his brother and sister into their home and care every single weekend as they grew up and the positive influence.

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Ten candles…one per decade. She looked like she made a good effort but couldn’t blow out a single one. Her wish was that she would be able to blow out the candles. haha! Isaac helped her out.

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The best photo album of young Louise. Photos from the 20s of the girls draped over NEW cars (not sure what kind, but you can imagine what was new at that time) were the best and young Louise in a beautiful dress, clutching her McCall’s fashion magazine with a huge smile on her face. Still the same face but 80 years ago. Amazing!

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Jason’s dad, Woody:)

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