The finished mei tais

My friends rock! Sheri and Kristin and Jason all did a part in making these carriers. Kristin stayed until 1am cranking most of it out and they look GORGEOUS!!!!

I am so excited to have my baby snuggled in it! I can’t wait!

Dsc 0010Mtweb

Dsc 0011Mtweb

My sister’s carrier…

Dsc 0013Mtweb

Omi tries hers on with Mr. Bear. I’m filling mine with Mrs. Belly…

Dsc 0015Mtweb

Me and my sister showing off our baby bellies. She is just 10 weeks behind me. I can’t wait until we have our little ones! And, yay, I can see I’m getting that pregnancy-homestretch-all-over-puffy-look.

Dsc 0016Web-9

4 Responses to “The finished mei tais”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Yay! So glad they fit and look so good. I say we keep making them. We could sell them! Jason could quit his job and just cut out fabric!

  2. Jen H Says:

    OMG they came out GREAT!!!!

  3. AnnMarie Says:

    Good job you guys!

  4. Kirsten Says:

    The carriers are fantastic! I’m super jealous. If you guys make another one, I’ll totally buy it from you! 🙂 And LOVE the pictures of you two together!

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