Voodoo dolls…

The kids asked about voodoo dolls and how they work. After a conversation on the subject, we thought it might be cool to make some…

One old pillow case, a paper template and some markers…

Dsc 0019Web-7

everyone made their own doll replicant…

Dsc 0021Web-9

Dsc 0025Web-4

I started to sew….thank goodness mine first because I messed up and ripped it nearly in half. (My side is killing me now!)

Dsc 0027Web-8

Jason takes over the sewing because I get frustrated with the machine, and I take over the stuffing:)

Dsc 0029Web-5

Dsc 0031Web-7

Dsc 0032Web-3

Dsc 0037Web-7

Xander had Isaac move his doll’s arm up to see if it would control his real arm. Surprisingly, it did not work! oh well…

He then tucked the dolls into a blanket and I asked if he suddenly felt cozy all over. He agreed he did! MAGIC!

Dsc 0033Web-6


Apparently we were supposed to place a personal memento of each person within the doll to “charge” it with our energy.

When I told the kids we forgot to include a lock of hair and that was the reason they didn’t work, they weren’t going to let us half-ass it. They all ran upstairs and I hear them cutting their hair.

Jason ripped back a small opening a stuffed the hair into each doll.

Dsc 0042Web-4

The best part was when they tested it out. Xander, the most superstitious about the whole thing, watched nervously as Jason prepared to poke the seam ripper into the back of his doll. At the moment he poked the doll, he used his other hand to poke Xander in the back. muwahahahahahaha!

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