Park and bowling class…

Busy day playing at the park with friends and then our first bowling class!

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All three boys really love bowling so this was a fun class! The two older boys are officially in the class and Simon, being too young to sign up for it, bowled his own games in another lane.

Xander very excited about his technique….

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Fortunately, Jason was able to come and cheer Isaac and Xander on while I managed Simon’s game in the next lane…

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Isaac, already asking about how he can get his own ball and shoes…to which we suggested he wait until he stops growing every five minutes;)

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Simon, taking turns with his friend Emma.

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Tomorrow is Xander’s clay class, which he LOVES. I mean counting-down-the-days kind of love.

This is so much fun to find classes they love. I got burned a couple years ago when I signed them up for classes and they wanted to quit all of them after the first class. Classes THEY chose! I decided maybe they just weren’t ready for that kind of thing, quit the classes and we let it be for two years.

Easing back in with two classes and so far, so good! yay!!!!

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