Jackson Bottom Wetlands

There is a new amphibian exhibit at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands center so we headed over to check it out today…

Major unfit mother moment here: see how sad Simon looks? Everyone dashed out of our cars and we started to take the picture at the front sign when Kristin asked where Simon was. I ACCIDENTLY LEFT HIM IN THE CAR!!!!! Poor Simon was still buckled in his car seat crying.

….the hell?? How am I going to handle four? I hugged and kissed him and said sorry sorry sorry but it took him about 10 minutes to forgive me. He walked in silence with a solemn face pointed to the ground and then suddenly smiled and gave me a hug…apparently making peace with the atrocious thing I had just done:( My poor Simmy.

Dsc 0003Web-20

Yup, we saw some frogs…

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Dsc 0012Web-8

Isaac says, “I see something!!!!!!…..a house.”

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Dsc 0022Web-11

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a yellow caterpillar.

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3 Responses to “Jackson Bottom Wetlands”

  1. Kristin Says:

    It’s a really pretty place. I think it took less time for Simon to forgive you for briefly forgetting him than for Andy to forgive me for not letting him bring the caterpillar home.

  2. Zoe Says:

    Mean moms UNITE!!!! hehe

  3. kim weiss Says:

    Well, you are an official member of unfit mothers of large broods! You can’t be official until you’ve left a kid somewhere. 😉

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