RV camping at Mt. Hood

Rain, rain and more rain but it was cozy and relaxing hanging out with family and friends.

Dsc 0055Web

Our box for the weekend…

Dsc 0004Web-25

Dsc 0009Web-14

Dsc 0011Web-14

The kids (and Jason!) played a lot of DS multi-player together, while listening to the (loud!) pitter patter of the rain on the RV.

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We had a decent sized sitting area under the awning for friends to sit together and socialize. again, lots of DS games and LOTS of knitting. I burned through two balls of yarn starting my very first big girl project: a sweater for me!!!! Woweee!

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Dsc 0048Web-1

The homeschooling mom who organized the trip had a potluck and crafts night under a big tent. The kids had a lot of fun…

Dsc 0014Web-9

Simon missed most of it…

Dsc 0021Web-8

While I was tethered to Sleeping Simon, Kristin, Dan and Jason helped with crafts…

Dsc 0019Web-6

Dsc 0033Web-4

Dsc 0029Web-3

It’s good to be home now:)

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