and yet, more knits

Sleep sack…

Dsc 0015Web-8

And, my first attempt at the felted bag. I chose this pattern because I liked how it looks and it has cable knitting for the gusset and handle…which I have never done. It is easy peasy but knitting this handle is going to kill me! Long and monotonous knitting.

Sing with me, “This is the <handle> that never ends…it goes on and on, my friends…!”

Dsc 0017Web-10

Dsc 0018Web-4

2 Responses to “and yet, more knits”

  1. Aundi Says:

    You are a total professional!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    The sleep sack is so cute! My birthday’s in March… Yes, please make me a full-size sleep sack. 🙂

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