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I knit a sweater for MEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!!

My very first adult sweater and it was the perfect pattern to start with. Bulky yarn and fat needles made for fast knitting and I had this thing completely finished in nine days!

The yarn had been stashed in a closet for six years, so a did a search for projects completed with the same yarn and that’s how I found the pattern…here.

A little stretched but I still managed to button it over the baby belly to show the detail….

Dsc 0002Sweaterfinishweb

Dsc 0004Sweaterfinishweb

Dsc 0008Sweaterfinishweb

Adorable pockets…

Dsc 0014Sweaterfinishweb

Vine lace detail and buttons…

Dsc 0016Sweaterafterweb

Jackson Bottom Wetlands

There is a new amphibian exhibit at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands center so we headed over to check it out today…

Major unfit mother moment here: see how sad Simon looks? Everyone dashed out of our cars and we started to take the picture at the front sign when Kristin asked where Simon was. I ACCIDENTLY LEFT HIM IN THE CAR!!!!! Poor Simon was still buckled in his car seat crying.

….the hell?? How am I going to handle four? I hugged and kissed him and said sorry sorry sorry but it took him about 10 minutes to forgive me. He walked in silence with a solemn face pointed to the ground and then suddenly smiled and gave me a hug…apparently making peace with the atrocious thing I had just done:( My poor Simmy.

Dsc 0003Web-20

Yup, we saw some frogs…

Dsc 0004Web-26

Dsc 0012Web-8

Isaac says, “I see something!!!!!!…..a house.”

Dsc 0020Web-6

Dsc 0022Web-11

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a yellow caterpillar.

Dsc 0028Web-6

Dsc 0029Web-4

Dsc 0032Web-2

Dsc 0033Web-5

yep, more knits. knitting blog….sigh.

My first felted bag. I’m not sure I’d buy it if I saw it in a shop but here it is…

(freshly knitted, before felting)

Dsc 0001Beforeweb

(all finished! Felted and button applied) Maybe I can embellish it when I learn needle felting at the retreat I signed up for next month:)

Dsc 0001Webafter

And…..and!….I started my first grown up sweater. It’s a “vine lace cardigan” and knitting up surprisingly quick since it uses bulky yarn and fat needles. This is my progress after only five evenings of knitting. I just need to finish down the body and add the collar.

Dsc 0002Adultsweaterweb

On the pregnancy front…my usual discomforts are in full force and the water logged legs have started. My sister is graciously letting me borrow back our giant recliner we gave her so that should help a ton. Otherwise, I am enjoying feeling the baby tumble around inside and excited to meet our little him or her in just a quick 12 weeks!

RV camping at Mt. Hood

Rain, rain and more rain but it was cozy and relaxing hanging out with family and friends.

Dsc 0055Web

Our box for the weekend…

Dsc 0004Web-25

Dsc 0009Web-14

Dsc 0011Web-14

The kids (and Jason!) played a lot of DS multi-player together, while listening to the (loud!) pitter patter of the rain on the RV.

Dsc 0044Web-3

Dsc 0051Web-2

We had a decent sized sitting area under the awning for friends to sit together and socialize. again, lots of DS games and LOTS of knitting. I burned through two balls of yarn starting my very first big girl project: a sweater for me!!!! Woweee!

Dsc 0046Web-3

Dsc 0048Web-1

The homeschooling mom who organized the trip had a potluck and crafts night under a big tent. The kids had a lot of fun…

Dsc 0014Web-9

Simon missed most of it…

Dsc 0021Web-8

While I was tethered to Sleeping Simon, Kristin, Dan and Jason helped with crafts…

Dsc 0019Web-6

Dsc 0033Web-4

Dsc 0029Web-3

It’s good to be home now:)

$2…now $4 zoo day.

As usual, Xander initiated a trip to the zoo. He seems to get a craving.

I had a health incident the other day when I woke up with a pounding, fast heart rate and high blood pressure. I think I had a reaction to a medication and it slowly resolved over the following 24 hours, as the medication wore off. All checked out okay after an ER visit.

I decided to stay home a relax and let the boys enjoy a day at the zoo without me this time. Better to take it easy the next few days and make sure my b/p is indeed okay now.

Looks like the boys had a fun day!

Dsc 0020Web-5

Dsc 0070Web

Dsc 0042Web-3

Dsc 0037Web-6

Dsc 0047Web-2

Dsc 0044Web-2

Jason’s 40th birthday bash

Great friends and family for Jason’s party. We had such a fun day!

Dsc 0004Web-24

Dsc 0007Web-17

Dsc 0009Web-13

Dsc 0010Web-13

Dsc 0012Web-7


…but couldn’t quite reach the ceiling before it tumbled.

Dsc 0023Web-4

and yet, more knits

Sleep sack…

Dsc 0015Web-8

And, my first attempt at the felted bag. I chose this pattern because I liked how it looks and it has cable knitting for the gusset and handle…which I have never done. It is easy peasy but knitting this handle is going to kill me! Long and monotonous knitting.

Sing with me, “This is the <handle> that never ends…it goes on and on, my friends…!”

Dsc 0017Web-10

Dsc 0018Web-4

25 week belly…

…the bump.

Photo303 25Weekbelly


My other kids who sometimes live across the street 😉

Dsc 0003Web-19

This one didn’t run away fast enough:D

Dsc 0013Web-6