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The kids have been making lego guns and Jason is trying to make a kick-ass version that really shoots little lego bricks (please don’t point that at my face, kids). He got quite a bit done but is missing a few pieces and needs to wait until he can do some shopping.

Dsc 0009Legoweb

I printed off this awesome robot skull paper project for the kids but it ended up just Jason and I at our desks cutting and folding like nobody’s business.

Dsc 0008Skullweb

Jason had to show off his perfectionism by pulling out the exacto knife, while I hacked away with child-sized scissors. Yep, mine is the crumpled one on the right.

Dsc 0011Skullweb

sheared heads

Dsc 0003Web-18

Dsc 0005Web-11

Dsc 0007Web-16

busy busy kids

Something must be very cool on this computer…

Dsc 0001Web-15

Simon paints with friend Emma, wearing a back-pack and a glove of course…

Dsc 0004Web-23

More knits…

Finished another romper in newborn size and it is so soft and tiny!

Dsc 0002Web-15

Once again, homemade buttons.

Jason and I are quite a team. He casts on my stitches for me, I knit the project. I mix the Primo clay for the buttons, he made the mold and made the buttons and I finish them off with a glaze and the baking.

Dsc 0003Web-17

Size 6 month bear booties…

Dsc 0008Web-15

And the current project is a 0-3 month sized sleep sack or “baby bag.” It has a sweater styled top but then goes on to a gown-like sack that cinches at the bottom.

And now that I’ve gotten this far in the pattern, I foresee some cardigans in my future. Easy peasy baby sweaters!

Dsc 0010Web-12

The new cool

Simon and Xander got these blow up hammers at the fair and this is what they do with them…


I think it’s a cool that is really going to catch on…


Carni day

We haven’t been to the local fair in YEARS. But I saw the monster truck show advertised and thought the boys would enjoy it. It was fun!

Waiting for our friends…


Xander didn’t like the sun in his eyes.





Simon and I enjoyed going through the barns and the craft building. I was really impressed by this tiny knit sweater, with cables and all. The tiny buttons!




The big kids rode the “Sinbad” and had a blast. One of Isaac’s first real carnival rides and he didn’t look ill when it was over;)