Simon and the three bears

I started out knitting one bear and the kids were having fun with it and each wanted their own. So now I’ve gone bear crazy!

Soon we’ll have a large bear family and I’m thinking it might be cool to knit up some clothes for them. Yep….bear crazy. Help me!

Dsc 0017Web-8

Dsc 0001Web-14

5 Responses to “Simon and the three bears”

  1. Kristin Lake Says: This is your next assignment.

  2. Kristin Lake Says:

    And just BTW, what cute pictures of that very mature looking Simon! I love the expression in the first one.

  3. Zoe Says:

    So cute Kristin…and since it’s crochet and not knit, it sounds like an awesome gift from Kristin. lol! I don’t know what to do with that crazy hook tool. 😉

  4. Kinsey Says:

    Do you have pattern for those bears? And that crazy hook is really very easy, it’s just all about the tension. Much faster than knitting once you get the tension down.

  5. Zoe Says:

    I have the pattern but it’s in a book. I linked it on the FB thread. The book is only about $10 and seriously has the cutest baby toys and stuff. You should get it! The felted balls and rolled top sweater we’ve made as well. All classy, simple looking stuff.

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