Completed projects!

Finally finished a second “Alien Illusion Scarf” I started six years ago but never finished…

Can you see the aliens?

Dsc 0029Web-2

…so I can start on baby stuff! I made this romper…

Dsc 0019Web-5

…and made my own buttons for it. I think they turned out great!

Dsc 0008Buttonsweb

Xander was very excited to try making some buttons of his own…

Dsc 0012Web-6

…and they definitely needed some BLING in addition to every color Primo we have:D

Dsc 0020Web-4

6 Responses to “Completed projects!”

  1. Lil sis Says:

    Hook a sis up!! So cute.

  2. Kristin Lake Says:

    That is so very very cute!!! And the homemade buttons too?!? how amazing you are Zoe!

  3. Jen H Says:

    You made your own buttons??? Geez… show off. LOL And those aliens? COOL & Crazy!

  4. Noemi Says:

    COOL!! i want learn how to make Button!! I always want to do tht my son will love it! please teach me!

  5. Lisa P Says:

    awesome! they had one of those scarves at the first life is good auction!

  6. Mom Says:

    Wow, what a great job on the baby romper…and yes, the buttons are amazing ( Xander’s too ,) I want to know how to make them too! Yes, I really like the alien scarf…you are increasing in your skill level.

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