love this weather!

Our two garden beds…

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All strawberries; the package tells me they need to be much further spaced but the square foot garden book ASSURES me they can be planted 4 to a square foot. We’ll see if they produce!

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Peas, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach and lettuce…and marigolds. Something is already nibbling on the cucumber leaves and a cantaloupe plant Xander wanted to include is dead. Three spots waiting for tomatoes to come in a couple weeks.

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The kids and I enjoyed lunch in the park today. Some much needed outside time. Isaac has been dedicated to some Wii games for almost two weeks now. He treats it like a full time job…up early, just a few breaks throughout the day and plays late until bed time. He was eager to get back home to it after lunch.

His friend just stopped by, bringing his own game controller. I know he is over the moon to be able and share his game skills and advancements with someone. I have zero knowledge or skills in that department. hehe

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