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Life is Good ’10

Life is Good unschooling conference is over and I am too pooped to think! Jason typed this up for me:

As we settle back into home, unpack our clothes and generally unwind, another LIG conference comes to a close. It was a glorious four days of staying up late and sleeping in, hanging with friends, meeting new people, funshops, presentations and all-around good stuff.

There were more people this year and more rain too. We spent more time inside than out and that meant next to no time in the pool, nearly the opposite of last year. Regardless, we had a blast and look forward to next year’s conference.

Until then, back to our learning life and some new adventures!





Amy Steinberg concert… (click link for video)


Isaac and Xander DS’ing during the concert.




Kimya Dawson performance…absolutely LOVED her. Jason bought me her children’s CD and had it signed to me. haha! (click link to listen to her chillin’ sounds)


Xander showing off his tambourine and Isaac is in that group of gamers behind him…




Making our family flag…


We learned Geocaching



Tie dye is done!

And now I can sport some hippie threads along with the rest of the family. hehe!

Xander dyed this one for me….

Dsc 0002Web-13

Isaac did this one…

Dsc 0003Web-15

And I did the next two…

Dsc 0006Web-13

Dsc 0004Web-18

Friend Lisa brought these onsies to dye up and that little bitty newborn one is so cute!!!

Dsc 0009Web-11

Lastly, behold my new stash of 24 newborn diapers!!!! The motherload of awesome color. Each one came out so unique and beautiful.

Dsc 0012Web-5

My forearms and hands are in pain now from ringing the dye out of everything but it was worth it. yay!!!!

squirrel proof? nah!

Hanging by a nail!

This squirrel has been enjoying the bird feeder that hangs on the front tree. I love watching them out the window and this type of feeder stretches out the enjoyment time because they can’t just sweep all the seeds onto the ground. 😀

Dsc 0015Cweb

Dsc 0017Web-6

Tie dye fun in the garage

All that soaking and tying and dying and now the 24 hour wait to see the results. I can’t wait!

Since the kids already have three shirts each from our last batch, we did four shirts for me and two dozen tiny cloth diapers. They are going to be so adorable!

I had fun hanging with my friends today; working together and making a mess. I can’t wait to see all the finished items.

Dsc 0001Web-12

Dsc 0018Bweb

Dsc 0015Web-5

Isaac is 9!

Isaac turned 9 on the 19th and we had his little birthday gathering tonight. Good food, casual company. Just the way we like it!

Dsc 0005Web-10

Dsc 0022Web-9

Turning into quite the little dude…and that comedian Xander back there. hehe! love these guys!

Dsc 0018Web-3

love this weather!

Our two garden beds…

Dsc 0010Web-10

All strawberries; the package tells me they need to be much further spaced but the square foot garden book ASSURES me they can be planted 4 to a square foot. We’ll see if they produce!

Dsc 0004Web-17

Peas, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach and lettuce…and marigolds. Something is already nibbling on the cucumber leaves and a cantaloupe plant Xander wanted to include is dead. Three spots waiting for tomatoes to come in a couple weeks.

Dsc 0006Web-12

The kids and I enjoyed lunch in the park today. Some much needed outside time. Isaac has been dedicated to some Wii games for almost two weeks now. He treats it like a full time job…up early, just a few breaks throughout the day and plays late until bed time. He was eager to get back home to it after lunch.

His friend just stopped by, bringing his own game controller. I know he is over the moon to be able and share his game skills and advancements with someone. I have zero knowledge or skills in that department. hehe

Dsc 00133Web

scruffy boys

Dsc 0016Web-5

Dsc 0014Web-6

Dsc 0013Web-3