egg crazy…

A little while ago we found this website with funny egg photos the kids and I got a kick out of. This sweet one is my fav:

Img 0001

Xander was inspired and wanted to draw faces on our eggs. We’ve had fun adding in some dialogue with each egg as we crack them open for cooking…

Dsc 0022Web-8

Easter egg activities started today (Saturday) with an egg hunt at the pool for Isaac…


And then some egg dying at home. We’ll be going to our friends house for egg hunting tomorrow so I didn’t even bother to boil these eggs. Have I mentioned how gorgeous I think brown eggs turn out? The colors are so rich.


Xander asked me all day when it was going to be egg dying time. He is happy now.

Dsc 0028Web-5

Dsc 0027Web-7

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