Family room progress

…with some new art, passed on from my friend Nicole. I love it!

The desk tables came out of their boxes this weekend. Just a little more painting on the book shelves and the computers, lamps and desk chairs can move in.

Dsc 0003Web-14

Isn’t it a fun painting? Local artist Irina Beffa..check out her other stuff.

Dsc 0004Web-14

3 Responses to “Family room progress”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Wahoo! It looks good!! I love your ceiling fan!

  2. Irina Beffa Says:

    Hey there just came across this blog, so great to see my painting there it looks good!

  3. Zoe Says:

    Thanks, Irina! It really makes our room. We love it and enjoy looking at it every day:)

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