Geeks unite!

We had our first guild party in honor of one of our WoW guildie friends, Nate and his family, coming into town from Washington for the weekend, on his birthday no less.

Every one of the guildies was present and accounted for and let me tell you, we are just as much fun in real life as we are in virtual life. ha!

Dsc 0001Web-10

The founding four of the Switchblade Symphony guild…

Dsc 0057Web-2

and the fun spread to a few more members…

Dsc 0023Web-3

Party animals, eh?

Dsc 0009Web-7

My nephews and their friend who is our newest guild member…(I love the big boys in the front holding their Magic cards and the little guys in the back playing their DS game).

Dsc 0006Web-10

Kristin and Dan have given up the game but once a guildie, always a guildie.

Dsc 0048Web

We settled the wild kids in for a movie…

Dsc 0026Web-4

Little Simon took a cat nap on Andy…

Dsc 0045Web-1

And we ALL squeezed into the computer room for a guild-wide raid. We did a low level one we have never run before so we could see something new, have fun and not require too many skills from a healer who had a few mojitos (;).

I love little Isaac in there, my two nephews, my hubby…it’s a family affair and we have made some great friends.

Dsc 0049Web-3

The party was oh so fun! I hope it’s an annual occasion.

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